Unique Entertainment Options for School Assemblies: The Benefits of Circus Arts

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  School assemblies play a crucial role in providing students with enriching experiences outside the traditional classroom setting. Choosing the right entertainment can enhance learning, foster creativity, and build a sense of community. One unique and engaging option is incorporating circus arts into school assemblies. Westchester Circus Arts, performing in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, […]

Bringing the Magic of the Circus to Westchester Schools

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  We recently had the pleasure of bringing Westchester Circus Arts to Washington Irving School, and the experience was nothing short of magical. The laughter and excitement that filled the air transformed the school into a vibrant arena of joy and wonder. As we watched the children’s eyes light up, it was clear: this was […]

Entertain to Thrive: How Booking Entertainment Boosts Your Summer Camp’s Bottom Line

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  In the competitive landscape of summer camps in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, the quest to stand out and provide an unforgettable experience is more critical than ever. In this article, we’ll explore a strategic approach that not only enriches the campers’ experience but also significantly contributes to your camp’s bottom line—booking entertainment.   […]

The Importance of Entertainment in Elementary School Education

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Enhancing Learning through School Assembly Shows, Camp Assembly Shows, and PTA Fundraising Events Entertainment has always played a vital role in our lives, bringing joy, relaxation, and inspiration. In the world of education, entertainers often go unrecognized for their significant contributions. For example, Westchester Circus Arts has been entertaining students for over a decade through […]


PTA Fundraising Ideas NY & CT

  We all know that engagement is paramount to a successful event…and even more so if your event is a fundraiser. Parents are already over-extended with family activities. The competition to earn their engagement is steep. You want to keep your New York or Connecticut PTA/PTO event at the top of the family priority list. […]