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From December: Experience the Magic of Winter Dreams – An Enchanting Circus Adventure!

This December 28th, step into a world of wonder with Westchester Circus Arts’ extraordinary “Winter Dreams” circus in Norwalk, CT. Perfect for a festive family outing, “Winter Dreams” promises an unforgettable evening filled with awe-inspiring acrobatics, mesmerizing aerial feats, and heartwarming performances that capture the spirit of the holiday season.

Gather your little ones and join us at the theater for a dazzling display of circus artistry that will light up their imaginations and create memories to last a lifetime. From gravity-defying ‘snowflake’ aerialists that will have you on the edge of your seat to enchanting performances that bring the magic of winter to life, there’s something for everyone at “Winter Dreams.”

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Adams Theater Oct 8, 4PM & 7PM
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West Nyack Circus Oct 13
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the legend cirque sleepy hollow

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narrated by WASHINGTON IRVING, played by bjorn olsson

don't miss this simmering adaptation of sleepy hollow's iconic ghost story!

fear starts here



September 21st – October 29th, 2023

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legend of sleepy hollow cirque performance


played by

Justin Durham

theater shows this fall


played by

Zoë Isadora

cirque theater events fall 2023


played by

Mickey Lonsdale

noir theater cirque


played by

Doug Stewart

washington irving narrated the legend cirque


played by

Bjorn Olsson

WCA_Aerial Operator & Tavern Actor Jeremy Cifone


played by

Jeremy Cifonie

Recommended ages 8 and up. 

The legend cirque SPONSORS

Westchester Circus Arts Sponsors
This project is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrants Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by ArtsWestchester.


Step back in time. It’s the 1800’s. Hear the clamoring metal horseshoes click across cobblestone roads in this dark Sleepy Hollow tale. The LEGEND is a simmering adaptation of Washington Irving’s iconic ghost story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Audiences will be treated to a cirque/theatre noir production with narration by Washington Irving himself. He’s played by Bjorn Olsson, who happens to be the Executive Director of Tarrytown Music Hall.

The LEGEND is a total immersive experience with the Headless Horseman, Washington Irving, and live action circus performers to tell the story. 

About The LEGEND:

Set in Sleepy Hollow and ‘Tarry Town’ in the early 1800s, Irving returns to present-day to tell us what he really meant by ‘the legend.’ The story follows schoolteacher Ichabod Crane (played by Justin Durham – hand balancer and straps artist) who has, of late, been down on his luck but finds adventure when he accepts an invitation to teach the children of Sleepy Hollow.

Everything changes when the beautiful heiress of the Van Tassel fortune, Katrina Van Tassel (played by third generation circus artist Zoë Heywood), enters the ballroom of her father’s holiday party by performing a seductive aerial ballet on silks. Crane is stricken by his good fortune and believes he has the savoir faire to win her hand (and her father’s money).

When Katrina’s assumed beau, Brom Bones (Mickey Lonsdale – comedic actor and acrobatic dancer), sees Katrina’s interest in Crane, the game is afoot! Crane finds himself involved in what may become a deadly love triangle, spurred by the practical (and perhaps deadly) jokes of Brom Bones. What neither suitor realizes is that Katrina is in possession of a ‘very particular set of skills’ and can summon ‘the Dark Spirit’ (played by Doug Stewart of Cirque Us) with incantations reminiscent of ‘The Exorcist.’ The intrigue mounts: is the ‘Dark Spirit’ the ghostly and ghastly Headless Horseman villagers see at night in pursuit of his prey? Or is it something else that causes Crane to vanish suddenly one night in an epic battle between ‘light’ and ‘dark’?

For more information, contact Westchester Circus Arts at (914) 275-5711.

Don’t miss this thrilling, gravity-defying cirque noir performance! 

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